Who we are

Founded in 2005, Ampro is the leading branding agency with international expertise in strategic design for consumer brands.

What we do

We develop relevant consumer brands that differentiate
themselves through innovative design for uplifting business results in today’s ever-changing competitive market.



Brand strategy – effective brand strategies define a clear, unifying brand idea which charts all behaviours, messages, actions and communication related to that specific brand, to its products or services. The resulted brand platform serves as a roadmap and guidance for all future actions of the brand.

Brand audit – an in-depth investigation of all existing branded materials and identity systems. This stage is designed to examine the current customer experience. Its goal is to provide a sound sense of that brand’s history for creating articulate grounds for its vision in the future.

Brand architecture – its goal is to provide clarity by defining the relationship and hierarchy of brands within a company – parent company, subsidiaries, products and/or services – thus bringing consistency, visual and verbal clarity into business strategies. Choosing the right brand architecture for a brand is a question of efficiency rather than a problem of aesthetics.

Brand Naming & Naming systems – The right name is timeless, easy to pronounce and to remember, it sounds good and has a certain rhythm to it and, most important, has the ability to connect with its audience. Finding the right brand name is a complex, step-by-step process which skillfully combines experience in linguistics, research, marketing and trademark requirements.

Brand mantras & rhetoric – While brand mantras may sound like pure poetry, they are actually very powerful tools not just for building brands, but for building organisations. Memorable brands speak with one distinctive voice in an identifiable, always centered on consumer unified message.


Brand Logo design – Brandmarks come in the most diverse shapes and forms : wordmarks, letterforms, emblems, pictorial or abstract marks. Whatever form it takes, it encapsulates visually the brand’s essence.

Corporate visual identity – from logo design or refreshment, to fonts, photographic and iconographic style, from chromatics to any other visual elements that help convey the brand’s positioning while addressing the needs and wants of its stakeholders.

Product branding & Packaging design – In an ever-changing market, the shelves are probably the most competitive environment out there. Packages that one ends up at home are the products that inspire trust or at least the desire to try out the product.

Retail own brands design – the days when private labels were easy to spot due to their generic, cheap look are over. And the trend is loud & clear: private labels shift to a more upscale, value-added look&feel, reinforced through competitive packaging & structural design.

Structural design – Fact: before graphic design is able to create the interest to interact with packaging, consumers recognize shape and colours. Structural design delivers memorable, brand defining user experienes that connect the brand to its consumers. Beyond transportation and product protection, packaging is the physical representation of your brand promise.

Photography & Illustration – studio photography with strong expertise on foodstyling and foodshots.