Star Redesign

Client: Star Foods (Pepsico)

Brand: Star

Project: Packaging redesign

The Brief:

Star brand was launched in 2004 on the Romanian market and it is now a top player in the snacking category.

The main objective was to refresh the packaging identity of the existing Star portfolio in order to reflect the new brand positioning (anchored in Family Fun): extending the core target from young families (kids <12 y.o.) to ALL families (both with kids <12 y.o. & kids over 12 y.o.)

The Solution:

The strategic approach was to convey the product into a party starter and the generator of conversational mood by creating a recognizable and iconic element with a dynamic look & feel.

The playfulness factor had to be modern and sociable, distancing itself from cartoonish and childish approaches.

The winning concept, The Sharing Bag, was the central factor of the new

Brand positioning: it brings us together, adds enjoyment to the family moments, creates conversations, involves and pleases everyone.