Aectra Agrochemicals

Client: Aectra Agrochemicals

Brand: Aectra

Project: Corporate rebranding

The Brief:
– Make the consumers perceive Aectra as a local manufacturer of qualitative agriculture products (and not just a seller);
– New brand identity that reflects the new brand positioning;
– New unified packaging design, easy to adapt to new products;
– Redefining the key messages of the brand.

The Strategy:
The strategy was to build on two new key-messages: “Product made in Campia Turzii factory” and “Product tested by local farmers”.

The Creative Concept:

“The triangle” – is a symbol of fire, of thought, of feeling. If positioned upside down, it focuses the energy in an ascending direction, being also a male symbol. The downhill triangle signifies fertility and is a feminine symbol. The equilateral triangle symbolizes the balanced man. In nature, the triangle appears as a trinity. In all spiritual cultures the creation occurs through the interplay of three fundamental aspects of the three strength fields: action, reaction and neutrality.