Client: Rewe Group / Penny International

Brand: Casablanca

Project: Retail private label packaging design

The Brief:

Rewe commissioned Ampro to develop their mainstream international coffee brand for Penny Market.

The main objective of the brief was to develop a quality credible brand that may cover a wide range of coffee and coffee-related products.

The Solution:

CASABLANCA cannot talk about tradition in coffee production, but can talk about tradition in atmosphere and passion. This is the reason for which the brand differentiator is the emotional attribute. We went further by suggesting the unique taste & flavor given by the atmosphere of the brand.

The design idea was to emphasize the emotional attributes of the brand by using the image of a retro couple. The shape of the cup is made from the “C” letter of the logo. To create the CASABLANCA atmosphere, the brand imagery is grayscale, and it shows characters similar to the 1940s motion picture “CASABLANCA“ where the dress code of the characters is typical for the 40’s. If CASABLANCA were a person, then she would be a well-dressed lady of the 40’s.