Hochland – Delicii Calde

Client: Hochland Romania

Brand: Delicii calde

Project: Packaging design

The Brief:

Hochland is market leader in cheese category in Romania, with a significant market share across the entire Europe.

Ampro’s task was to develop a line extension for all Hochland warm application products.

The Solution:

Following the brief, we understood that we needed to have a different approach for the warm app. In order to be as descriptive as possible, we named the range Delicii Calde (warm delights). In order to further differentiate the range, we also decided to change the hierarchy on the front of the pack .

As a way to stay under the Hochland established visual world we used the blue “wave” as a brand signal, but we changed the background – from a natural visual territory to a comfy kitchen one. We also used a darker palette of colors in order to stand out on the  shelf. Last but not least, the fonts are cursive and rounded to imply the feminine/human touch.