Nestlé – Joe Zi Buna

Client: Nestlé Romania

Brand: Joe Zi Buna

Project: Packaging design

The Brief:

Nestle Romania commissioned Ampro to rebrand their value-for-money brand in the wafer category: Joe Economic.

The main objective was to turn the brand from a cheap brand into a smart & happy brand.

The Solution:

The brand audit revealed that the first thing to do was to change the brand name, as Joe Economic was clearly saying “cheap” without any emotional attribute, making no real connection with JOE’s communication platform, inspiring rather rational elements and connecting less with the target audience.

So, after changing the name into Joe Zi Buna (Joe Good Day), the new direction came naturally: the logo aligned with the revised key-visual of the brand and the three flavors were coherently individualized, with focus on the main ingredient and with a generous see-through window in the shape of a cloud.