Star Fun

Client: Star Foods (Pepsico Group)

Brand: Star

Project: Brand extension & packaging design

The Brief:

Develop an extension under the Star brand for a new product consisting in potato pellets with natural flavours and playful shapes.

The packaging design would convince the mothers that Star Fun is a healthy product and attract the children with the playful approach.

The Strategy:

Attract the kids with the right visuals and ensure the mothers with the right message.

The Creative Concept:

After creating a straightforward message in terms of health claims, we had to integrate such claims in the design in a manner that would be appealing to children. Thus, we developed the concept as an invitation to discover the wonders of the two Star Fun worlds: Safari and Marine. Vivid colors, balloons, curvy fonts – this is the recipe to catch a kid’s eye. We balanced the overall look with a clean architecture. The result was FUN to reach and FUN to look at.