Star Krax

Client: Pepsico

Brand: Krax (Star)

Project: Packaging redesign

Brief objectives:
Our mission was to redesign the packaging for 4 flavors (bacon, cheese, pizza, paprika) so that the entire Star portfolio would tell the same story to the consumers, while keeping some of the well-rooted elements.

We had already created the Star packaging design with a focus on the idea of “sharing”. We had created a bucked with the snacks so that we would emphasize the togetherness, the fun of being together and of enjoying a great snack.

Creative concept:
We made sure that the puffed snacks of Krax would be the “star” of the packaging design, even if the bucket stays as the common element of the Star portfolio. In order to do this, we included drawings of the puffed snacks on the bucket itself and we put some key-elements such as “wow” so that we “speak the language of the teeangers” – the slogan of the brand.