Amicii Frozen Vegetables

Client: Kubo ICC

Brand: Amicii

Project: Packaging design

The Brief:

Amicii is the master brand of ice cream of Kubo ICC, one of Romania’s leaders in ice cream production.

In the context of the ice cream seasonality, Kubo hired Ampro to develop a brand extension for frozen vegetables, in order to balance the off-season company business.

The main objective of the brief was to ensure a distinctive brand identity and an outstanding packaging design.

The Solution:

The big idea was to have the natural product as a brand differentiator, by showing the fact that the vegetables are coming to the customer directly from nature and without being modified.

Taking the strategy to the approach of the design, we used the sunny natural landscape in the background and the piece of cardboard as a holding device for the product name (similar to the ones used in the traditional market for fresh vegetables).