Linco Patisero & Linco Apetit

Client: Orkla Group

Brand: Linco Patisero & Linco Apetit

Project: Packaging redesign

The Brief:

In 2006, the Orkla Group acquires the Linco brand, a company that produces margarine (Linco Apetit) and frozen dough (Linco Patisero).
Linco packaging redesign must provide a coherent visual identity for the brand, which will be able to translate into future brand extensions into other categories.


The Solution:

The strategy consisted in defining a unique visual territory of the brand and creating a brand signal to facilitate the visibility at the shelf. Nonetheless, the over-processed food perception of spreadable margarine and frozen pastry would be overcome by showing the main ingredients on the packaging design.
Our intention was to create a packaging design emphasizing that the products are plant based and cooked with simple and E-free ingredients. The logo was redesigned to communicate the yumminess and tastiness of the brand’s products with a playful twist: the first letter was designed as an extension of a smiling mouth that savors something good. The range name of the spreadable margarine was changed to “Linco Neata” (Linco Morning) to better suggest the breakfast meal convenience.
We chose colors from different palettes that clearly differentiate the products as they stand out from the shelves, including metallic colors for the margarine’s lid edges.