Intersnack – Nutline

Client: Intersnack Romania

Brand: Nutline

Project: Packaging redesign

The Brief:

Nutline is the leading brand in the nuts & seeds category in Romania.

The main objectives of the project consisted in making the brand speak the consumer language in this segment in order to increase loyalty, and enhancing the visibility and appeal on shelf.

The Solution:

During the strategic evaluation, we concluded that the design of Nutline black seeds was more conservative comparing to other products. The qualitative packaging research showed that current Nutline pack was perceived as being of high quality, premium, and professional, reliable, in line with the brand image of leading innovator.

The challenge was to build on the brand’s previous strong features (high quality, professional, reliable and innovative) adding a touch of conviviality, approachability and good mood, recommending it for pleasurable social moments.