Pom-Bär Crackers

Client: Intersnack International

Brand: Pom-Bär Crackers

Project: Packaging design

The Brief:

Pom-Bär is the European leading brand in the children snack category.

We were briefed to design the packaging of a new Pom-Bär range: oven backed crackers.

The Solution:

The insights for this product were “straight from the oven”, tasty and cheerful. We built the entire design on these insights and focused on the natural benefits of the product.

We introduced the oven in the background of the product and the Pom Bar character. The Pom-Bär mascot was a must, so it remains the hero of the pack, happily showing the product and its rational benefits.

The oven has a significant role in the packaging, functioning both as a range signal and as a straightforward visual cue for the main benefit of the product’: “straight from the oven”.