Processed Cheese Roll

Client: Hochland

Brand: Processed Cheese Roll

Project: Packaging design

The Brief:

Hochland Romania is the most important player on the local cheese market. Being present for more than 20 years in Romania, the brand has become known and highly appreciated for the manufacture of dairy products and cheese.
Consumers are not attached to a particular brand, buying the product that they are familiar with, is available and visible. Our challenge was to redesign the processed cheese roll package to increase the brand recognition at the shelf and transform the cheese from only a sandwich base into a hero ingredient.

The Solution:
Following the brief, we understood that we need to have a different approach for the processed cheese roll package. While the competition packaging is using white as a background color, we decided to break the pattern.
To increase brand recognition, we used the Hochland brand cue: the blue wave as the background with playful writing and icons, executed in an appealing way. Each flavor in the range was developed based on color-coding.