Purcari Group

Client: Purcari Group

Project: Packaging design

The Brief:

The Purcari Group is one of the main producers of wine and brandy in Central and Eastern Europe, managing approximately 1,000 hectares of vineyards and 4 wineries in Romania and the Republic of Moldova: Purcari, Ceptura Winery, Bostavan and Bardar.
We were challenged to create a new brand of wine for the Romanian consumers that will be marketed as a quality & clean made product, proudly created on the Moldavian grounds with an excellent terroir at an excellent price!


The Solution:

A good product needs a good story behind. So, we linked the branding for “Domeniile Cuza” with the location where the wine is made, precisely Alexandru Ioan Cuza village. A place with history and excellent terroir for cultivating vineyard, named after the first ruler of the Romanian Principalities.
The creative concept for the “Domeniile Cuza” packaging was inspired by the official uniform of Alexandru Ioan Cuza, starting from the color of the label to the graphic elements.