Win Win bottle

Client: Ampro

Brand: Ampro

Project: Self-promo packaging design

The Brief:

Let’s make a self promo gift that says exactly who Ampro is: The outside the box branding agency focused on uplifting results!

The Creative Idea:

When everybody designs one-neck bottles, we created a two-neck one!

The big idea came from the very essence of Ampro: Our business is your business. And this is how we designed a bottle with two necks: one for us, and one for our client to symbolize the win-win partnership.

The win-win bottle has two necks covered by two glasses: on the first one it is written “OUR BUSINESS” and on the other one: “YOUR BUSINESS”, because, as a client, you put a little bit of your business into our business, and in the end you will enjoy the great wine inside.